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"In a corporate environment.... drama pays you nothing!"

Hard work.

Maybe a bit of blood, sweat, and tears is what it took to earn your degree.

Upon entering the workforce, the excitement and drive you had (and still have) to succeed felt immeasurable. However, there were just a few things that college didn’t exactly prepare you for.


  • Like the disparity and lack of diversity in leadership.


  • Or the complex, and sometimes turbulent relationship between women of color on the job. 


  • Or even the essential tools it actually takes to earn a promotion in a competitive field. 

This shared observation, coupled with a chance encounter of 2 conflicted employees turned into a leadership development conference created for African American women of all career professions. 

Coins over Gossip is committed to encouraging minority women to develop a leadership mindset, while creating opportunity for growth. We help African American career professionals learn how to avoid drama and gossip in the workplace and instead, discover how to manage work relationships, as well as how to negotiate a fair salary. We also work to fill the void and sometimes loneliness that can accompany leadership positions through networking and sharing resources and talents, with the end goal of inspiring personal greatness. 

Discussion Topics include:

  • Identifying challenges African American women face to advance in their careers and how to overcome those challenges.

  • Steps to take now to prepare for a future in leadership

  • Blending Passion & Coins

  • Finance: How to manage your coin expectations while negotiating a fair salary 

Expert Panelists​

Our panelists include a group of successful black women that are career professionals and leaders across several industries and professions that include non-profit leadership, corporate business, healthcare, legal, education and online marketing and media. Our speakers are announced on social media leading up to the event.

Workshop Benefits​

  • Mentorship

  • Networking with panel of experts

  • Ongoing support and resources through exclusive Facebook Group (coins over gossip attendees only).

  • Career Resources that include: Resume Templates, Common Interview Questions and list of do's and don't's

  • Professional Headshot photos (photo can be used for Linkedin profile)

  • Access to quarterly online master class with successful leaders, career professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners.

  • Event Swag Bags


Cassandra Williams, PHR, MEd 

Cassandra Williams has a stong background in the healthcare industry and works as an experienced Human Resources leader. She serves as the head of Human Resources for Verus Healthcare. 

Cassandra earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Business Administration from Tennessee State University, and Master of Education in Organizational Leadership and Communication from Belmont University. Cassandra earned her PHR designation in 2010. 

Mrs. Williams is a career strategist that helps women get unstuck and become the CEO of their career. 

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Dr. Ashley Williams

Dr. Ashley Williams works as a pharmacist manager in Nashville, TN. She earned a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of TN at Chattanooga. She later graduated from Union University School of Pharmacy in 2012.

She is married to Darius and is a mommy to her daughter, Jordyn. She enjoys family time and traveling. 

Dr. Williams is a woman in leadership and inspires women to discover that they don't have to be solely wives and mothers, but can also be boss women in their careers at the same time.

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Meet The Founders


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